Product Presentations

Let us create the most unique presentation for you.

As one of the leading international presentation companies, we offer many years of experience in presenting your product as elegantly as it should be. Your product presentation is a unique method of communication whose advantages are not to be missed – let our trained experts show you how!


Your product presentation, your success

  • Storyboard development (content structure and set-up)
  • Content Development (Text and Illustrations), Presentation Rhetoric and Dramatic Composition
  • Design of Charts, Infographics and Illustrations
  • Creation of Storyboards for editable PowerPoint Movies
  • Key Visual and Imagery Development
  • Presentations with Navigation
  • Presentation Styleguides according to Corporate Design
  • Technical Consulting on Software and Hardware
  • Organization and Maintenance of Presentations and Slides
  • On-site Presentation Directing

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The most successful product presentation

Presenting requires a lot of practice and a business partner that knows the industry like no other. As your presentation company, we’ll be your rock from the very first moment on to make your product shine.

Our presentation experts are looking forward to the next innovative presentation.

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Captain Morgan

The presentation company that knows its craft

As the first and only all-around presentation company, we offer the entire spectrum of presentation development. You need an amazing 3D visual of your product, and want to give your audience a first-hand experience? We’ll consult you on all of the technical opportunities available, from augmented reality presentations, to virtual reality presentations, even complete fair and staging conceptualization.

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