The Republics coolest workshop space

Get out of your stuffy conference rooms and allow your mind a fresh perspective. Book our 2-day workshop event on the houseboat to catch your second wind. Ahoy and welcome aboard!


This awaits you

  • Workshop in the seminar room or the sun deck of the house boat
  • Coffee breaks including coffee, tea and biscuits on the sun deck
  • Flipchart, Projector and a speakers toolbox
  • Central location near the Hyatt Hotel or the Hilton Hotel Mainz
  • Speedboat excursion for creative encouragement
  • Optional: BBQ including Champagne, Beer, Wine

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We are thrilled to welcome you to our state-of-the-art workshop facilities

Enjoy a presentation experience unlike any other. Our Houseboat offers a bright, air-conditioned seminar space up-to-date with the newest technology. Far from the usual dreary conference rooms, let loose and explore your creative potential. Our certified coaches aim to make every workshop a unique experience. The workshop boat includes two levels, allowing for effective group work as well. The large outdoor area is ideal for days with fantastic weather. We will gladly cover any accommodation costs for guests who would like to stay in a hotel in direct proximity to the boat. We look forward to your inquiries! Can’t make the journey? Not a problem – we can always organize an event closer to your location.  Ask Us How

Captain Morgan

Explore the select content offered as intensive courses

  • Storytelling is dead! Long live Storytelling
  • Efficient Use of PowerPoint
  • Developing a Presentation Concept
  • The Art of Content Enhancing Animation

If these don’t cover a topic of your interest, we will gladly create an individual 2-day workshop tailored to the specific needs of your company. We’re more than happy to consult on any inquiry. Please be aware that our Houseboot Workshops are only available from April until October.  Ask Us How