Augmented Business Cards. The Original by INSCALE

Make a lasting impression! Let INSCALE create your own augmented reality business card! You’ll profit from incredibly advanced technology and experience, as we’ve been developing and fine-tuning augmented business cards from the beginning of our AR career.


Choose the Original.

Our augmented reality business cards can be adapted and implemented for thousands of employees, even using your software and existing business cards.

We’ll develop a concept with your team to make the perfect business card for you and your company. Trust the experts of corporate AR development. Our solutions can be integrated seamlessly with your software and current business cards. Want to learn more?


Augmented Business Cards at a glance:

  • One-click e-mail function
  • Website embedding
  • Video embedding
  • Hologram embedding
  • Audio embedding
  • Social media channels
  • Interactive 3D Assets
  • GPS location tracking
  • Country-specific content
  • Updates at any time
  • Up to 100% more conversions
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