Holographic Presentations

3D holograms are the perfect addition to your classic presentation methods. Through futuristic LED technology, we can create holographic projections like you’ve never seen them before!


Get your holographic presentations from a trusted and experienced team! We also rent our devices for long-term installations, including maintenance and updating throughout.

Get everything right from the source: concept development, content creation, and on-site installation, all through INSCALE. We have devices ready to go for your next event at various INSCALE locations.

This is what you’ve been waiting for! Bring your product to life with the innovative LED holographic display: Hypervsn. We’ll develop a concept tailored to your product or company, so you can blow your competition away. Contact us to get started!


Hypervsn at a glance

  • Incredible 3D Holograms
  • Easy installation
  • Complete access to and control over the CMS system
  • Integrate multiple units together
  • Integration of up to 1000 units at the same time
  • Up and running 24/7 able
  • Wow factor guaranteed!
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